Schools can get a smart library management solution by availing NLP's Library module that simplifies the workflow and also decreases manual intervention. Key Features
  • Enables easy tracking It assigns a unique accession number to each holding of the library, be it a book, CD, DVD, or a pen drive and thoroughly categorises them. The accession enables the library manager to easily search for a particular holding and know about its availability and condition.
  • Expediates issue and return process The module is integrated with a quick issue and return policy that can automate the issues and returns of holdings with the help of a smart barcode reader. A librarian can easily issue or process return within seconds with the help of students’ ID and individual holdings’ accession number.
  • Provides customised membership The module provides a customised membership policy that enables staff and students to avail different memberships as per their individual requirements. These memberships have different benefits pertaining to submission-leverage, holding-reservation, etc. Be it issue limit or reservation limit - everything can be specified separately for each holding type in this membership.
  • One-stop solution Be it issuing any holding, reserving it for another member, keeping track on the status, creating a membership, or calculating fine - this module helps one process all actions easily on a single platform.
  • Provides comprehensive reports This module provides comprehensive reports of each transaction, such as information of damaged or lost holdings, pending fines or the list of holding a reservation, and keeps the school updated with all the relevant information.

Holding Type

Membership Type

Library Fine

Holding Category

Holding Location

Barcode Settings

Holding Form Editor




Generate Barcode

My Library

Stock Verification

Holding Defaulters List

Library Issue Return

Holding Summary

Pending Fines

Holding Reservation


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