NLP's  Student module stores students’ data and analyses their performance trends. Key Features
  • Provides data security This feature helps schools save the trouble of handling a huge volume of data. The details are safely stored with the help of a secure cloud server, and is readily available for future use.
  • Enables easy management of documents This feature allows schools to easily upload soft copies of documents, such as birth certificates, address proofs and medical records, without having to deal with the clutter and chaos of paperwork.
  • Facilitates automatic generation of students’ credentials It helps to generate roll numbers based on predefined rules which can be customised according to school needs.
  • Provides a comprehensive student profile The module provides a comprehensive student profile page, which gives a 360-degree overview of the students’ academic performance, attendance, fees and various other domains.
  • Provides feedback The feedback feature provides a platform for teachers to share real-time constructive feedback about students’ to their parents.
  • Provides access to students’ reports This feature lets school administrators easily access predefined student reports.

Autonumber Settings

Admission Number Settings

Roll No. Generation

Student Form Editor

Student ID Card

Student Group

Letter Generation Settings

Student House

Sibling Mapping

Remark Categories

Promotion/Detention Settings

Self Services

Student list

Student Exit Process

Student Provisional Promotion

Student Promotion Process

Student Remarks

Class Wise Count Report

Student Custom Report

Custom Student Count

Student Birthday Report

Admission and Withdrawal Report

Student Count Tally Report

Custom Student List

Siblings Report

Student Certificate Report

Student Document Checklist Report

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Watch This Space!

Articles for this category will be published soon.