Timetable module in NLP generates an automatic timetable and provides automatic substitutions for absent teachers to save time for school authorities. Key Features
  • Enables quick and easy data entry The process of entering data is extremely simple and can be done quickly. The system also allows any timetable pre-created by the school to be fed into it using the Excel upload feature.
  • Allows customisation It allows the user to set the number of sessions for each subject in a week, the maximum and the minimum number of sessions in a day, consecutive sessions, and so forth. It also enables the user to make manual adjustments later.
  • Provides automatic substitution The module creates a list of absent teachers and their classes on each day and provides an automatic substitution for them. Additionally, the administration or teachers can manually add substitutes at their discretion. It also has a provision for permanent substitution in case a teacher resigns or goes on long leave.
  • Accommodates all unique needs The module caters to all kinds of situations and requirements of the school. For instance, a teacher cannot be substituted if he/she is unavailable at that time due to personal reasons approved by the administration. If the administration wants, they can ensure two subjects such as Maths and Science appear consecutively or non-consecutively in the timetable as per curricular requirement.
  • Facilitates communication through smartphone The timetable, once published, can be viewed by both parents and teachers on their smartphones. Teachers are also notified of their substitution classes through this feature.

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