Transport module in NLP helps manage and track minute details pertaining to upcoming, on-going, and completed trips effectively; it also increases parent-school engagement. Key Features
  • Enables live tracking through GPS It comes with a map-based interface to enable both parents and school authorities to automatically track the movement of buses through GPS. In addition, GPS tracking enables speed monitoring.
  • Sends instant notifications It helps schools to send instant notifications to parents when the transport vehicle approaches the student’s stop. Moreover, when a student is marked on-boarded or dropped-off by the attendant, parents get notified.
  • Facilitates smartphone tracking If a school bus does not have a GPS device installed, a staff member’s smartphone can be used to track the bus.
  • Provides fee integration It automatically adds the transport fee to the student fee component, thereby reducing the workload for the accounts team.
  • Integration with multiple vendors It reduces the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors and enables parents and school administrators to communicate on a single interface.
  • Provides integration with AIS-140 compliant devices As per the Government rules, all commercial passenger vehicles must comply with the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS-140). In order to meet these requirements, GPS devices are enabled with inbuilt panic buttons, remote stop and police control room integration for the safety of students.
  • Approval from state licensing and testing agencies GPS devices used for tracking vehicles are approved for use by various state licensing and testing agencies. These devices are tested as school buses have to go through an annual inspection.
  • Enables tracking of documents It enables tracking of documents pertaining to fuel averages and maintenance records through a single application.

Live Tracking

Document Type

Route Management

Assign Transport Service

Transport Fee

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Types

GPS Device

Fuel Log Home

Live Route Status

Trip Management

Vehicle Trip History

Transport Report

Transport Service Report

Route-wise Passenger List Report

Student/Staff Transport Report

Vehicle Document

Fuel Log Report

Vehicle Stop-wise Report

Routewise Fee Summary Report

Transport Fee Defaulters Report

Transport Fee Payable and Paid Report

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