Attendance module in NLP maintains attendance records efficiently and helps schools get rid of piles of paperwork. Key Features
  • Generates shift report in real-time This module provides the option to configure shifts for automatic attendance, thereby enabling the admins to generate a shift report in real-time for teachers and other staff. The Day Wise Summary report helps the principal or the admins to track the attendance of all the classes. 
  • Accommodates all unique needs It accommodates the unique needs of schools by allowing them to make changes in settings, such as working days settings, attendance mode settings, attendance threshold settings, period-wise attendance settings and shift calendar settings, at the class/department level.
  • Updates attendance automatically It immediately updates the attendance taken via RFID readers in both system and parent apps. It also provides schools with the facility to configure biometric attendance recording devices. In addition, if a school has multiple branches, biometric attendance recorded in all of them can be automatically synced in real-time.
  • Facilitates period-wise attendance It facilitates period-wise attendance marking in the schools that record attendance multiple times in a day. Also, classes can be configured as period-based or regular. 
  • Enables uploading of attendance in bulk It allows the school administration to upload past attendance records, which could not be taken then due to any reason. Also, it facilitates staff attendance regularisation at the end of each month to account for any issues or omissions.

Attendance Status

Attendance Mode

Attendance Shift

Working Days

Biometric Devices

Shift Calendar

Map User Groups

Attendance Threshold


Periodwise Attendance

Admin Settings

Student Attendance

Bulk Attendance Upload

Staff attendance

My attendance

Approve-Reject Regularization

Attendance Shortage Report

Attendance Summary Report

Irregular Attendance Report

Biometric Shift Attendance Report

Attendance Register Report

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Watch This Space!

Articles for this category will be published soon.