How to mark attendance for the students?

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  1. Select the Class and Section for which attendance is to be marked.

    • indicates that attendance is marked for all the students for that day.
    • indicates that the attendance is not marked for all the students for that day.
  2. Select the date for which the attendance is to be marked.

    • Attendance for the past days can be marked, but it cannot be marked for future days.
    • Irrespective of the mode of attendance¬† (Manual/Automatic) defined for the class, attendance can be manually marked.

For marking an attendance status for all the students in the selected class,

  1. Select the circle near the Student Name column.
    The active attendance statuses will be displayed on top of the list of students.
  2. Select the attendance status that you wish to mark for the students.
  3. Click SAVE.


    • Depending on the number of students for whom attendance is marked, the percentage of attendance marked is displayed at the left corner of the screen.
    • The attendance statuses along with the number of students marked with that status are displayed on the left side panel of the page.
    • For those classes for which the attendance entry is selected as automatic, biometric punch details will be updated immediately, irrespective of the shift that is assigned to the class.
    • This method of marking is easier when the majority of students of the class are to be marked with the same attendance status.


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Was this article helpful to you?