Communication module in NLP has been specifically designed to help schools manage their internal and external communications with great efficiency. Key Features
  • Enables broadcast services It provides a fail-proof broadcast system with SMS, email and push notification modes to ensure that parents are always notified about any information regarding their ward. This easy-to-use feature also has the added advantage of being customisable to suit the user needs.
  • Provides custom templates The user-friendly interface provides a few custom-made templates as well, in which the school is required to input only a few variables. 
  • Schedules automated reminders It allows schools to schedule automated messages to remind parents about fee payment, exam dates, exam report download, etc.
  • Sends instant alerts It allows one to send instant notifications to both parents and staff through the NextERP app available for both iOS and Android. The app ensures that parents are updated about their ward’s attendance, homework, important events, etc. Using the app the staff can easily communicate with each other and form groups to exchange information, study materials etc. 
  • Enables tagging of messages The module allows the administration as well as the staff to tag the messages to make them easily identifiable. For example, messages can be separately tagged as homework,  admission, etc. so that those pertaining to a particular tag are easily retrievable. 
  • Generates detailed reports It helps to generate detailed reports to keep a check on the communication that takes place every month, the reliability of various communication modes, etc. These reports can be easily downloaded in both PDF and XL formats. 
  • Facilitates parent-teacher communication The chat feature of NextERP app allows easy communication between the staff members as well as between parents and teachers.

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