Fee Management module in NLP provides a comprehensive solution for schools to automate the fee collection process. Key Features
  • Provides automatic cheque/DD (Demand Draft) reconciliation All entries made in the NLP system help give detailed reports on fee payment in order to prevent discrepancies.
  • Generates automatic receipts Once the online payment is done, parents are notified and are immediately granted the receipts for records and future reference.
  • Facilitates split payment of fees With the help of bank-fee mapping, the total amount paid against a student can be settled into different accounts, such that different fee types or instalments can be mapped to different banks as per the school's need.
  • Enables fee reallocation/refund In case of any change in the fee category, transport route, etc., reallocation of the already paid fee based on the fee structure of the new category or refund can be easily initiated.
  • Automation of paperwork procedures Since the fee payment process is taken care of by an administrative management system, accountants can easily devote their time in generating comprehensive and accurate reports.
  • In-house integration The fee payment process is integrated with other modules such as admission and transport.
  • Generates automated fine This functionality gives information about fee defaults, cheque bounces and automatically generates fine slips.
  • Provides customisable fee setup This module helps schools generate different fee templates.

Student Fee Category

Fee Structure

Fee Collection

Fee Type

Fee Schedule


Fee Concession

Student Fee Dues

Fee Receipt Template

Fee Challan Template


Paid Fee Certificate Template

Fee Due Certificate Template

Fee Autonumbering Sequence

Collect Fee

Cancel Fee

Generate Fee Challan

Fee Challan Payment

Download Fee Certificate

Fee Dues/Defaulters

Fee Refund Process

Fee Concession Report

Fee Category Report

Cheque/DD Transaction Report

Fee Paid-Due Detailed Report

Installment-Fee Type wise Collection Summary Report

Fee Collection Report

Defaulters Report

Fee Summary Report

Fee Cancellation Report

Received Receivable And Receivable Report

Fee Due Report

Historical Fee Due Report

Fee Due Summary Report

Optional Fee Allocation Report

Fee Reallocation Report

Fee Refund Report

Student Ledger Report

Gross-Net Collection Summary Report

Fee Collection Detailed Report

Fine Report

Fee Collection Summary Report Overview

Student Wallet Report

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Watch This Space!

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