How to upload photo in bulk?

> School Setup > Bulk Photo Upload

  1. Click the UPLOAD tab.
  2. Click the STUDENT, PARENT, or STAFF tab.
  3. Drag and drop the file in the specified area or select a file to be uploaded.


    • Photos should be in JPG, PNG or BMP formats only.
    • The size of a photo should not exceed 200 KB.
    • The recommended photo dimension is 100 x 100px.
    • Photos should be named as per the details specified in the table below.


           School Member File Name
      Students <Admission No.> (ex: 1245354.jpg)
      Parents/Guardians <Admission No.> <Relationship> (ex: 1245354_father.jpg)
      Staff <Staff ID> (ex: 1245354.jpg)
  4. Compress the photos into a Zip file and upload.
  5. The size of the Zip file should not exceed 20 MB.
Was this article helpful to you?
Was this article helpful to you?