How to configure a graph for the student?

> Examination> Graph Configuration

Graphs can be created for the marks entered on the Marks Entry Screen. Column, bar and line graphs can be created for the marks or percentage of marks for the subjects.

  1. Select the Class from the top of the page.
  2. Click ADD GRAPH.
  3. Select the type of graph (Column, Bar or Line).
  4. Enter Graph Name.
  5. Select graph level as Academic Session, Terms or Assessments by clicking the checkcircle against Academic Session, Terms or Assessments.
  6. Enter X-Axis name.
  7. Mark Mandatory, Optional or Allied for the scholastic and Co-scholastic subjects as required.
  8. Enter Y-Axis name.
  9. Mark Marks (Students), Average marks (class-section), Highest marks (class-section) or Minimum marks (class-section) for percentage, marks and scaled marks as required.
  10. Click on Save.


  • Scholastic and Co-Scholastic subjects can be plotted on X-Axis.
  • Percentage, Marks, Scaled Marks can be plotted on Y-Axis.
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Was this article helpful to you?