How is your attendance calculated?

With online classes, it is not possible to do roll-call based attendance. NLP has enabled your school to do it without much hassle while giving full flexibility at the same time. Read on!

For Next LiveLecture

It is computed based on the duration of your participation in the lecture.  You will be marked as Present if you attended the lecture for the minimum duration set by your school.

Example: Rohan’s school has set the minimum participation to be at 50%. Now if his maths teacher does a lecture for 40 mins he has to be present in the lecture for at least 20 mins to be marked as Present. He will be marked as absent otherwise.


Note: Events like moving out of the app/out of the tab in browser/internet disconnections during lecture will affect your duration of participation. Your teacher gets an option to review/update your attendance status at the end of lecture.

For Lectures via Other providers

If your school takes online classes via GMeet/Zoom/MTeams integrated with NLP, then you will be marked as Present for the lecture, if you join the lecture via Attend/Join now option via NLP. In case live lectures were not conducted on a given day, attendance for the day will be marked against every student manually by the teacher

For a day

It is based on the number of Lectures you are marked Present in a day. You will be assigned an attendance code Present(P)/Absent(A)/HalfDay(HD) as configured by your school. 

Example: Assume Rohan’s school has setup the codes as follows 

0-30% Absent (A)
31-50% Half Day (HD)
Above 51% Present (P)

he will be assigned the attendance code as below

Present in 1 out of 4 Lectures  →  25% A
Present in 2 out of 4 Lectures → 50% HD
Present in 3 out of 4 Lectures →  75% P

Mobile Screens:


Desktop Screens:


Note: Daily Attendance will be computed everyday at midnight.

For a month

For each attendance code, your school also assigns a weightage eg: HD=0.5, A=0, P=1. Your attendance for a month is calculated based on weighted average for total working days

Example: Assume Rohan got 3 P and 1 HD out of 10 working days in March, his attendance for March will be 35% (3*1 + 1*0.5 → 3.5/10)

Mobile Screen:

Desktop Screen:

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Was this article helpful to you?