How to run NextLab sessions from Computer Lab


If you have taken NextLab for your school, you can run NextLab sessions from your computer lab. You can plan a lab session for a particular class section on a particular date-time. You can assign the specific chapters to be used by students during the lab session. During the session, you can assign students to each computer, and they can attempt the exercises and watch the resources in that given chapter. As students do their attempts, you can monitor the student’s progress and view the reports from your console. 

With this, You can effectively make use of your computer lab to run a lab session. At the end of the session, all students would have gotten first-hand learning experience and as a 

teacher, you can get the complete picture of the understanding levels of all the students

This feature will work for you independent of whether you are accessing NextLab via  NextLearningPlatform or  NextGurukul 


Internet connectivity to all the lab computers

Latest browser (preferably Chrome) installed in all lab computers 

You can access all the features with this option. This option will give you complete access to the next lab sessions and all our AI-enabled learning tools. It provides you the ability to auto-evaluate all student attempts and provides you instant feedback. 

Detailed Steps

a. How to plan a lab session
  1. Login to with your NextLab account
  2. Open Curriculum
  3. Open the course for the required class section and open LabCorner 
  4. Page displays the list of all lab sessions within the course. 
  5. Schedule the required lab session for a particular date/time. A specific session will become active as per the scheduled date and time


b. How to run the lab session

Setting up system for students

  1. In all the systems present in the computer lab, open the Labcorner Login  Page,  Lab Login link is added in the NextGurukul login page, (Teacher login page).  
  2. If prompted, log in using your account. Unless logged out, system will remember for the entire year – this is a one time setup for a lab system – You need not login every session or day. 
  3. Once logged in, it will show the Student Lab Corner interface (blue screen). 
  4. Call the students to sit in their allotted systems. 

You can reserve one system for yourself to monitor the progress of the students. 


Monitoring the lab session
  1. Go to the system reserved for yourself to monitor the session
  2. Login to with your account
  3. Open Curriculum
  4. Choose the course for the class-section that’s using the lab currently and open LabCorner.
  5. Open the active session from the list of sessions displayed
  6. The Labcorner dashboard page will open – You can see the overall progress and student/resource-specific progress 



Steps to be followed by the student 
  1. In the lab system, the Student Labcorner interface will be opened by your lab admin/teacher.
  2. Choose your class, section and choose your name from the student list shown 
  3. If you belong to Grade 6 or higher, you will be prompted to enter Lab Access Code.
    To know your lab access code, talk to your lab-admin/teacher or check your profile section from your login – Learn More about Lab Access Code 
  4. Choose the active session and access the resources 
  5. Attempt the exercises or View the video resources present in the session
  6. At the end of the lab session, click on the Exit button to end the student session
  7. Another student can continue on the same system




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Was this article helpful to you?